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Judy Ciaramitaro - St Louis Imperial Dance Club

Judy Ciaramitaro joined the MUSIC Dance Club board in 2006 as their dance director, where she taught, scheduled and supported the classes. Judy's involvement with the St. Louis Imperial Dance club began in 2012 where she held several positions on the board; member at large, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster for the Club's Website and President. St. Louis Imperial was established in 1973 and is the original dance club in St. Louis.

Midwest Swing Dance Federation – The Federation was created over 30 years ago to ensure each club could have schedules that would not compete with other clubs and to serve as a point of contact between the clubs in the area. Judy has held the position as President of the Federation since 2015. Judy has also been the chairperson for the yearly New Years Eve two-day dinner dance event.

American Bop Association – Judy has been the club representative for the St. Louis Imperial Club for several years. In 2014, Judy was elected as Secretary to the Board. She also serves on the Executive Committee of the ABA.

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