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Judy Waters - Moolah Shrine Swing Dance Club

Judy has been dancing all of her life, and active in the dance community for over 15 years. Her willingness to give back and support the St. Louis dance community has touched nearly every club in the area. For more than nine years Judy has served on the board of the South Side Imperial Swing Dance Club, and President for three years.

Currently, Judy is the ABA Representative to the American Bop Association for the Moolah Shrine Swing Dance Club. Judy served on the Midwest Swing Dance Federation board for several years. She’s an excellent dance instructor,

having taught for nearly every dance club and has donated her time teaching at private charitable events to promote swing dance in the area.

Her involvement with the Moolah Shrine Swing Dance Club goes back to the beginning. Judy has attended, taught and worked at nearly every event the club has. She’s a pleasure to dance with and turns no one down.

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