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Linda Main - Steel City Boogie Club

Linda Main has been a member of the Steel City Boogie Club (SCBC) since shortly after it was founded 20 years ago. She had always been active on the social dance scene in the western Pennsylvania area, so joining the SCBC was a natural choice for Linda. In 2006, she decided to run for the office of Secretary, won easily, and began her term in June. In December 2006, our 1st Vice President resigned, so Linda agreed to be appointed to take over that office as 1st VP for the rest of that term. In 2007, she ran for 2nd Vice-President and easily won, and she served as 2nd VP for the next 7 years, until she resigned from office (and as Special Events chairperson) in 2014. After suffering a devastating split at the end of 2003 as many other clubs have experienced, many people looked to Linda to be assured that the club would continue. When they got that assurance that SHE was going to continue to support it, their support helped rebuild the club to its current healthy status as “Pittsburgh’s Oldest Social Dance Club”!! Members have always teased Linda by calling her the “Club Ambassador” and the “SCBC Cheerleader” because no matter where she goes, she enthusiastically talks about the club and its annual weekend dance event, “Boogie in the Burgh” (BIB).

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