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John Butler - South Florida Swing Dance Society

John has long been a pillar of the dance community in South Florida and has been no less in the continued support and growth of the South Florida Swing Dance Society. His dedication and service to the club makes him one of their most valuable assets. He has been considered one of our best leaders for many years but has been an important follower as well. When John was enlisted to lead, he did so with great vigor to steer the club to be successful in its efforts to preserve its beginnings and to add growth to our future. When John encouraged new leadership for the sake of new ideas and perspectives, he became a model follower in providing his support for the continued success of the organization.

The giving of himself, his vision and his resources is only part of John’s contribution to the South Florida Swing Dance Society and the dance community at large. It is his contribution and exemplary service that is worthy of the honor to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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