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Doug & Linda Eskew - St. Charles Imperial Dance Club

Doug and Linda Eskew began swing dancing almost 30 years ago. Living in St. Charles, Missouri, they joined the St. Charles Imperial Dance Club and began their journey of spreading the great news about swing dancing. In 2004 Doug was elected president of the club, where he lead the club for five effective years as president. The club grew in membership from an average of 100 members to an average of over 300 members by his leadership, promotion and personality. Following his term as club president, Doug volunteered as the club’s dance director and promoted swing dance within, as well as outside the club, for a period of seven years. Doug and Linda have served faithfully on the club’s Board of Directors these many years and continue to be active in the St. Charles Dance Club. Doug holds the office of president and Linda serves as secretary. Linda has been instrumental in developing and leading the club’s many events including the annual anniversary and gala dances. Doug has also served in the capacity of club representative to the Midwest Swing Dance Federation Board, and as the club representative on the American Bop Association Board.

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