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Judy Aubrey - Choo Choo Shag Club

Judy began dancing in her teen years growing up in North Carolina. Of course this meant spring and summer breaks spent at the beaches of the Carolinas. Judy quickly became one of the best female dancers around. In the early 80's Judy participated in the small groups of Shaggers migrating back to North Myrtle Beach during the formation of SOS.

In 1984 Judy, along with friends, formed the Burlington Shag Club with Judy serving on the board for a number of years. Burlington is one of the oldest Shag clubs in America and is going strong to this day.

After moving to Chattanooga Judy began teaching locals Shag steps. In 1994 Judy helped form the Choo Choo Shag Club and served as it's Vice President. She was instrumental in starting the first Shag Tracks Dance.

While attending Music City Bop Club's annual dance Judy met Delmus Aubrey from the Derby City Bop Association who introduced Judy to Bop style dance. They were married in 1996 and eventually moved to Nashville. Judy remained active in Choo Choo Shag Club as well as Music City Bop Club and Derby City Bop Association. Judy and Delmus eventually returned to Chattanooga and immediately began teaching dance lessons for Choo Choo. Delmus passed away in 2011 and Judy lost her only son three months later. Through all the tragedy Judy remained strong and actively participated in club activities ultimately becoming president of Choo Choo Shag Club in 2015. Judy has fought a personal battle with cancer but never stops going to dance events, participating in club activities, and helping to run Choo Choo Shag Club.

Judy is an amazingly strong person and to all who are lucky enough to know her, she is one of the sweetest and kindest people you will ever meet.

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