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Randy & Cathy Fuller - Music City Bop Club

Randy and Kathy moved to Nashville 25 years ago and, as they loved to dance, they immediately found the Music City Bop Club and became active members. The served on numerous Committees and were not afraid to do the hard work needed to "Grow'' the Club.

Randy was elected President 15 years ago and has served in that capacity as of this date. Kathy became the Co-President, as the Music City By-laws do not allow two (2) members of the same family to be on the Board of Directors at the same time. Kathy has been "fill-in" Secretary, Treasurer and whatever else is needed on a short term basis. She heads up party committees and is also Co-Chair of Music City's "Summer Boogie Blast".

They take their jobs seriously and have a long hard-working involvement with the Nashville dance community. They are the kind of dance teachers who setup the program and come out as partners with new students. Randy, on several occasions when our DJ's were out of town, has even taken to the DJ booth to play at our Saturday night dances.

Randy and Kathy were instrumental in Music City Bop Club hosting the ABA Annual Meeting in Nashville each year. Music City counts itself very fortunate that Randy and Kathy came their way over 20 years ago and they truly deserve membership in the ABA Hall of Fame.

As an added highlight, Randy and Kathy were high school sweethearts and have been married over 45 years. They have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

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