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Jackie & Sue Kestner - Music City Bop Club

Sue and Jackie Kestner
Sue and Jackie have been members of the Music City Bop Club since 1992. Sue is the mainstay of our repertoire of DJ’s, having been a club DJ since 1993. Jackie sets up Sue’s equipment and maintains the Music City Bop Club’s sound equipment, and is one of the folks we depend on - setting up sound equipment, setting up and taking down the dance floor for Summer Boogie Blast, and helping to build both the dance floor and the D. J. booth in Maxwell’s Lounge. They are both members of the Association of Beach and Shag DJ’s and the National association of Rhythm & Blues DeeJays. Sue and Jackie set up and maintain our web site, and are our IT people. They have re-arranged our web site to include links to the ABA, other member clubs, and a link to the club event photographs. Just as important, Sue and Jackie publish our monthly newsletter. These many years of service by both Sue and Jackie place them in a unique position within the Music City Bop Club, and they are recognized and welcomed throughout the ABA dance community.

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