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Lou & Kap Chermak - Ohio's North Coast Jitterbug Connection

Kap and Lou Chermak
Lou and Kap, as founding members of Ohio’s North Coast Jitterbug Club in 1997, have been instrumental in providing leadership to the organization and helped foster growth of the Club from about 30 members to a current membership of 280. Lou served as President, Vice-President and Trustee, as well as organizing the Club DJ’s and chairing the DJ Committee for 10 years. Kap also served as President, Secretary and developed and is current Editor of the ONCJC Newsletter. She also chaired the ONCJC website development and design committee. Kap has served as ABA Secretary for the past 9 years. Lou and Kap were instrumental in up-dating Club by-laws, as well as teaching weekly dance lessons, along with organizing community outreach efforts. They organized ONCJC’s music library, approximately 3,000 songs, by artist and titles. Kap transferred all music to club laptop. This work very labor intensive and time consuming, but it was a Labor of Love. Lou and Kap received special recognition at ONCJC’s 10th anniversary for their work as Charter Members of the Club and their ongoing hands-on work to preserve and promote the dance styles which are the foundation of the ONCJC and the ABA.

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