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Mike & Kim Nelson - Little Rock Bop Club

Mike and Kim Nelson
Kim and Mike have been making exceptional contributions to dance clubs, dancers, and to the swing dance community since they met on the dance floor in 1999. They were even married on the dance floor just before a LRBC dance in 2003. The couple has served on the board of directors and planning committees and cam be counted on to be the first to pitch in when it is time to create choreography for skits. LRBC is their beloved home base, but they have served the wider community with generosity as well. Their teaching has introduced hundreds of people in Arkansas to swing dance, bringing many of them to LRBC. With their exhibitions ranging from the sublimely smooth to sublimely silly, the Nelsons have been popular performers for ABA club conventions across the country. At home or away, you can often find them in a corner with new dancers who ask for help with basics or experienced dancers who are trying to pick up a new move.

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