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Larry & Debbie Wheelis - St. Louis Imperial Dance Club

Larry and Debbie Wheelis
Debbie has been dancing all of her life starting when her parents, ballroom dancers, took her along to their many dances. In the 1970’s she saw a need for keep the Imperial Swing Dance form alive and was one of the founders of the St Louis Imperial Dance Club, still in existence today. She is a Lifetime Honorary Member of this club and was also elected to the Midwest Swing Dance Federation Hall of Fame. She continues to be an active member in several clubs, teaching workshops and performing demos. Larry also has been dancing most of his life. He is the premier DJ for the St Louis Imperial Dancers. He has traveled the country as a primo DJ for dance conventions. He belongs to the National Association of R&B DJ’s and trades music with DJ’s all over the country. Together, Larry & Debbie can be found dancing in front of Larry’s DJ booth while the music plays.

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