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Gabrielle Gang - Chicago's Windy City Jitterbug Club

Gabrielle Gang
Gabrielle was nominated by the Chicago’s Windy City Jitterbug Club. Gabrielle has been an Associate Director for the ABA, coming up with a revenue plan of selling personalized pins and the donating all the profits back to the ABA. Gabrielle belongs to all three Chicago area jitterbug clubs and was a one time Board member for the former South Side Jitterbug Club. She has been teaching and volunterring since 1993 and is best known for her donations of cups, plates, clocks, etc to all club functions she attends to be raffled off and given away. We all hope to get a service for 8 before we are finished. She has attended workshops for Assisted Living groups, Retirement groups, and as a dance aid at the Special Olympics.

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