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Jim & Georgia Watson - Mid Ohio Boogie Club

Jim and Georgia Watson
In January 1999, Jim and Georgia took the initiative and become the "founding father/mother" of the first ABA club in Columbus OH, the Buckeye Bop Club. For three years Jim and Georgia served as President and Vice-President of the Buckeye Bop Club. The first Beat the Heat event was held in 2000. Jim was the key consultant, creator and architect of the club’s dance floor. However, the Beat the Heatevent had Georgia as the Event Coordinator using her vision, leadership and ability to handle and recruit key members for the team. In 2001 they stepped up to the floor and founded the Mid-Ohio Boogie Club, the second ABA swing bop club in Columbus. From 2001 to 2007, Georgia served as president of MBC with Jim as the Vice-President and ABA director. Jim and Georgia gave lessons every Wednesday in East Coast, West Coast, Carolina Shag and Hustle. They directly recruited 30 dance instructors, many of whom now teach for the club.

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