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Tony & Myra Griemel - Jefferson County Swing Dance Club

Myra and Tony Griemel
Tony and Myra have been members of Jefferson County Swing Dance Club in the St. Louis MO area since 1985. They were elected to the club’s board shortly after and have continuously served in a variety of capacities. Tony was the club’s President and Myra was the President of the Midwest Swing Dance Federation at the time of nomination to the ABA Hall of Fame. Tony and Myra were both instrumental in putting together their club’s dance lesson program and they have taught dance at JCSDC and a local college with all of the proceeds going to their club. Tony and Myra have also taught lessons at sister clubs, performed dance exhibitions, and participated in many skits, both locally and nationally. They both have been active in the Midwest Swing Dance Federation since 1987 and in the ABA since its inception.

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