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Cincinnati Bop Club

Move Across The River 2016

November 9 - 13, 2016


Club Name: Cincinnati Bop Club

Event Name: Move Across the River

Event Facility: Holiday Inn & Suites

Event LocationStreet Address: 4501 Eastgate Blvd.
City: Cincinnati
State: OH

Event Start Date: November 9 2016

Event End Date: November 13 2016

Event Web Page Address:                                                                              

Ticket Price: $65.00

Ticket Price Cutoff Date: October 17 2016

Ticket Price After Cutoff: $75.00


Contact Name: Paul Hennessy 

Contact Phone Number: (513697513) 697-6351

Contact E-mail:

General Information:

DJ's Butch Berrey, Larry Calhoun, Sue Kestner, Gary Jones.
Workshops:  Steve & Kathy Day (Shag), Mike & Kim Nelson (Arkansas Street Swing), Mike & Debbe Lapina (West coast Swing), Gloria Medel (Chicago Jitterbug)

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