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American Bop Association Associate Members


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American Bop Association Associate Members provide goods and services of interest to and for the benefit of our Regular Members. Please consider supporting our Associate Members. If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member of The American Bop Association, please contact our membership director for details.

Embroidery On Demand
Embroidery On Demand


Welcome to Embroidery On Demand. We offer a variety of items that you can customize with your own artwork or with one of the thousands of designs we offer. We work with a number of clubs producing T-shirts, polo shirts, koozies and designed our chair savers specifically for those clubs. If your club is looking for apparel or other items with your logo please contact us. We would love to work with you.

We use high quality polyester thread for the color fastness. However, we can use rayon or some metalic threads when requested. There is a price adjustment for specialty threads.

All shirts are priced with up to a 4x4 left chest design in up to 10 colors. If you desire something larger or with more colors we can do that for you. There will be an extra charge based on the size of the design or the number of colors. We can not embroider your one of a kind items unless you sign a waiver holding us harmless for any damage or loss in shipping.

We hope you have an enjoyable on-line shopping experience. If you have questions about any product or design please feel free to contact us at:

By email:

By phone: 636 343-5309 (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST)

Just Cruisin'
Just Cruisin' Inc.



Growing up Detroit Michigan we always looked forward to a summer day on the Bob-Lo boat sailing from downtown Detroit  to an island of fun.  When I first stepped aboard the Carnival  Mardi Gras in 1979,I knew this was my new career, I could feel the excitement and the fun all around the ship.  I learned so much from the family at Carnival Cruise Lines and with a generous bonus for 10 years of service Bob & Maureen set off on our own cruise adventure as Just Cruisin’ Inc. in the Spring of 1989.


Specializing in group cruising, 8 cabins to 200 cabins we are there to make sure you always have smooth sailing.  Family Reunions, Friends Getaway Weekends, No cooking Thanksgiving Weekends, Summer Sizzlers, Holiday Celebrations, we do it all.

We don’t just sell you a cruise, we are there to personally see you through from embarkation to disembarkation making sure you have no surprises along the way, after all it is your vacation!


So whether you are planning a trip or a cruise to Alaska, Europe or the Caribbean call Just Cruisin’ to help you find the best value suited to your taste.  We provide that personal touch with our clients, our repeat business marks our success.


Just Cruisin’ is proud to be an Associate Member of the American Bop Association

We reserve and fine tune the onboard activities for their annual ‘Dancin’ on the High Seas’ cruise.


Member Cruise Line International Association; since 1989


Registered Florida Seller of Travel  ST23976


1973 – 1979 Worldwide Sportsmen’s Club and Elkin Tours Michigan

Administrator for charter flights to Las Vegas, Europe and the Caribbean


1979 – 1989  Carnival Cruise Lines, Florida  

Senior Group Administrator

National Association Of Rhythm And Blues DJ's
National Association of Rhythm & Blues DJ's


Dave Roby and others came in contact with a lot of dancers, DJ's, collectors and dance groups (Bop, Shag & Swing) through our travels around the country. All of them had one thing in common and it was the R&B music they played or danced to. The one thing we noticed was that there was no common communication link between them. It seemed to take a year or more for the word to travel from one coast to the other about a great dance song. There was one regional R&B type DJ organization, but they were not very active on the national level. We realize that it's the dancers that make or break a clubs ability to exist. We knew that if there's good music then there will be dancers. The dancers after all are the lifeline on which we DJ's exist. Without them, we DJ's only have some very expensive stereo equipment and lots of great music to listen to at home. So, the bottom line is, help the DJ's gain access to the music as fast as possible and in turn you will please the dancers which will help keep the dance clubs alive.


It was our hopes, that by sharing information about new & old dance music, our good and even bad experiences and stories about the dancers, etc that we all could become more effective as DJ's, collectors and dance clubs. As each of our music libraries becomes more complete and versatile, the more each of us will be able to help the entire R&B dance community grow.


We are not in competition with anyone. We are not a union or a hiring agency and we set no fees. We will make no demands on any social group or commercial establishment to hire our members. Our only desire and intention is to share the collective knowledge and experience of our membership with all of our members. In doing this, we hope it will make the R&B music and dance community a better place for all of us to have fun dancing.

Keep Rockin' Magazine
Keep Rockin' Magazine

KEEP ROCKIN’ is a digital 50’s & 60’s music and nostalgia magazine delivered directly to your email address. Before we converted to a digital magazine, we printed nine 92 page full color, high quality issues beginning January 2009 with the last issue June 2010 which are all still available for a limited time. Take a moment to walk back in time to see some of your favorite singers, musicians, bathing beauties, movie and TV stars and learn what they are up to now! Regular features showcase events such as oldies concerts, car shows, plays, conventions, parties and clubs surrounding the golden era of Rock & Roll. KEEP ROCKIN’ also features pictures and stories from the 50’s & 60’s and every issue will contain recent interviews with 50’s & 60’s music stars who KEEP ROCKIN’. Read about recent hot rod and motorcycle shows and clubs, upcoming events, collectors corner, test your knowledge of this time period with a crossword puzzle, memory quiz, jokes, wisdom, retro ads, editorials, recipes and much more. Visit the Shopping Cart page to order the print issues of Keep Rockin' for a special price.

Toe To Toe Dance Wear
Toe To Toe Dance Wear


Visit Our Store!


Toe to Toe Dance Wear Store

1159 West Hill Rd.  Flint, MI 48507

(810) 238-7400
(877) 348-4362
Toll-Free (877) FIT-4DNC

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